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【特集】Building Bridges: The Need for Compromise in Crypto Regulation

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The Need for Regulation

The call for regulation in the digital asset landscape has been growing louder, with concerns raised about the potential misuse of cryptocurrencies by malicious actors. The need for action and compromise has been emphasized by prominent figures such as Jerome Powell, chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve, who warned about the risks of unregulated crypto markets. The recent seizure of Binance accounts by Israeli authorities with alleged ties to terrorist groups has further highlighted the urgency for regulation.

Linear Thinking and Lack of Compromise

Despite the urgent need for regulation, little progress has been made. The lack of compromise and linear thinking with a narrow focus on a single outcome has hindered the development of effective regulatory frameworks. This rigid mindset fails to acknowledge collective goals and the importance of finding common ground between different stakeholders.

Building Bridges as a Solution

In interviews with both traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) early adopters, the concept of building bridges emerged as a key theme. The desire to unite and address issues such as policy, regulatory tensions, vernacular standardization, data management, and trust-building was evident. Building bridges through collective thinking and compromise is seen as the path forward to resolve the challenges faced by the crypto industry.

How to Build Bridges

To build bridges, a nonlinear and flexible mindset is necessary. It requires being open-minded and willing to listen to diverse viewpoints. Compromise should be sought when solving problems and finding common ground. All stakeholders need to become voices for positive change and actively contribute to the development of a strong regulatory framework that addresses the concerns and interests of all parties.

The time has come to shift from destructive actions to constructive efforts. Just as the destructive kick from one child destroyed the bridge built by others, the majority of individuals in the crypto industry desire bridges. It is time to come together, think collectively, and find compromise to build a regulatory framework that fosters trust, security, and innovation in the digital asset landscape.

【特集】Building Bridges: The Need for Compromise in Crypto Regulation
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